How much does the product photography cost?

Every project is unique from many points of view: product characteristics, type of set-design and licening for using visual materials. Glossy and transparent products need more technical skills and time for getting a good result. Extra costs like renting a studio, models, special props or retouching also influences the price.

Stylized product photography usually needs preparing a mood board and concept. In addition the price depends on backdrops , props and effects used for the session.

Hence to make initial quote for product photography, I ask to send me this information or fill in a brief:

  • type of product (pictures, visualisations of the product or link to an e-store)
  • Link to your brand website/Instagram
  • amount of ready images (how many group shots are needed)
  • detailed information about photography type (style, atmosphere, colors, what kind of props do you like/dislike)
  • information about licening ( where and how long the material wil be used - website, social media, sponsored ads, printing in magazines, books, advertisement ect)

If you have extra questions, please check out FAQ

Product photography

I prepair tailor-made images for your brand.
With my creative solutions your products will stand out of the crowd!

Short videos & stop motion

Moving visual content catches the eye and interests the audience. You can find stop motion animations
and short videos for social media
(reels, stories, posts)
in my offer.


Creating the scene is about choosing the right background and accessories, set the lighting, and launch them harmoniously.

Photo editing

The final effect is achieved with a professional editing. Editing process starts from basic work with colors and contrast up to replacing the background, label or photomontage. Editing photos is priced individually depending on the customer's needs.

Props & Backgrounds

I offer an extensive collection of props and backgrounds which are available for your shot. Additional cost is required for items such as: wyceniam:
- Ingredients and flowers
- Special custom backdrops
- Extensive styling and set design
Sourcing large-format props

At your place

This is a great service if you need photos in your studio, shop, restaurant or other premises! A good solution if you would like to show your creative process and brand history. I can present how you do what you love!

Props & styling

We pocess wide range of various props. For special ideas we create and invent new props and backdrops!

To get a quotation please submit a brief and get an e-mail response. Each session differs in many aspects hence each project is quoted individually.

I am based in Poland, but work worldwide. You can send me your products and I will procced with the project according to the brief.

Realisation depends on the project type – its size, deadline, involvement of third parties (such as models, stylists, chefs, ect.) and other factors. Production usually takes 1 to 5 weeks from the date of booking.

Depending on the project, the quote of the props may be included in price or be additionally payed. My entire collection is included in price list. Individually required backgrounds and accessories are provided with extra cost.

Let’s start with filling a brief that will help me to provide an offer. After preparing a quote and signing the contract, please deposit 30% of the project’s price. That means an official booking.

To minimize the possibility of corrections we prepare detailed moodboard and guidlines. According to them I make shooting. I repeat the session free of charge if the result of the session differs significantly from agreed guidlines. Paid fixes occur when the client changes the established guidelines during or after the session. The price of such corrections is set individually.

Licening is a possibility to use visual materials during particulat period, according to our contract. When this time expires licening is not valid any more and images can't be used commercially. artykuleLicening is valued individually according to the project type.

Steps of our collaboration