From inquiry to finished result!
How the partnership looks like?

1. Inquiry

Please rech out me out and tell about your project. I will probably ask you to fill in the brief It helps me to prepare individual offer for your brand's project.

2. Partnership

To book your shooting dates signing a contract and payment 50% of the project value is required.

3. Pre production

At this stage, we determine all the details of the shooting: props for the set, colors, type of lighting ect.

4. Shooting

I'm starting to put our ideas into life! In other words I start to create visually appealing images that will make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Post production

Editing and retouching is an essential part of a quality image. Color correction, removal of scratches and dust from products - these are the basic elements of post-production. At this stage, I refine every detail of the image!

6. Visuals delivery

This exciting moment has come and I send you the finished project. ​
You can receive all the files conveniently by clicking on the link sent!

Thoughtful, aesthetic and engaging content created especially for your audience!

As a photographer, stylist and art director, I dive into the creative world and use my experience to organize the entire process from creating handmade props to high-quality retouching.

Whether you need aesthetic photos or motion advertising content, I will be happy to help you in implementing a quality campaign for your brand!

If you have any questions check Frequently Asked Questions section or simply reach me out

To get a quotation please submit a brief and get an e-mail response. Each project differs in many aspects hence each project is quoted individually.

I am based in Poland, but work remotely worldwide. You can send your products and I will procced with the project.

Execution depends on the project type – its size, deadline, involvement of third parties (such as models, stylists, studios ect.) and other factors. Production usually takes 1 to 5 weeks from the date of booking.

I offer a variety of props and backdrops, which are usually at no cost. However, if the project requires additional accessories, especially such as flowers, ingredients, etc., they are added to the invoice as an additional cost.

Na początek proszę o wypełnienie briefu, który pomoże mi przygotować ofertę. Po przygotowaniu wyceny i podpisaniu umowy obowiązuje zadatek w wysokości 50% ceny. Po dokonaniu wpłaty, sesja jest oficjalnie zarezerwowana.

To minimize the possibility of corrections we prepare detailed moodboard and guidlines. I repeat the shooting free of charge if the result differs significantly from agreed guidlines. Paid fixes occur when the client changes the established guidelines during or after the shooting. The price of such corrections is set individually.

Licening is a possibility to use visual materials during particulat period, according to our contract. When this time expires licening is not valid any more and images can't be used commercially. artykuleLicening is valued individually according to the project type.

I help brands achieve visually compelling advertising and marketing goals. Together we create creative, individually selected content from minimalism to bright and diverse compositions! Whether you are looking for product photos or advertising videos, I will organize the entire process for you and deliver the expected result! And maybe I will even exceed your expectations!