Fotograf produktowy i stylista - I.Kolodziejska
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Lodz | Warsaw

Hey! I'm Irina and that's me standing beyond the Creative Studio.

I've been tied with photography for several years and product photography is not just a simple shot for me. I reech the needs of YOUR client with help of creative photography, that in turn has a positive effect in product sales.

Before start shooting I deeply analize your brand's values and prepare a concept, so photos fit your individual values. I offer stylized product photography, set-design and minimalistic shots. Among my brand sessions are cosmetic brands, companies with interior design items, household appliances and other. 

I started my way with Architectural education in Poland but step by step I approached advertising projects. With time my passion developed in profession and daylight evolved in studio lamp. This is how my creative studio appeared!

Product photos I prepared came out in magazines, websites and brand's social media or even on product packagings.
I live in Lodz but work remotely with clients all over the world.

If you' d like to stand out the advertising market in your brand area, feel free to contact me!
More about collaboration please read here.

Creative product photography is unusual idea with great quality that both increase interest in your brand.

In my free time I volunteer in Łódzkim Schronisku dla zwierząt I am an animal lover, especially when it comes to cats! I have two of my own which you can see sometimes on my media.

Brands I worked with